Who is Kim Phlegm

I am a Georgia native now residing in Atlanta Ga. I'm married to the most amazing husband on the planet Seadrick. We have five beautiful children who we've had the pleasure watching grow into their own each and every day.

I am an enterpreneur at heart and I've been blessed to be in business for the past 18 years while traveling the worrld to educate and uplift others. I now use my story of once being a single mother, barely making ends meet, and a previous divorcee to encourage other women that there is hope and a life full of abundance waiting on them. I help women go from the boring day to day hustle and bustle to becoming financially free, owning their time, then using that time to spend where it matters most with their significant others and children, all while enjoying and rocking life out!

Ready to expand your life and become the best version of You? Join a network of other women just like you who are waiting to cheer you on to Win. I would love to show you how. Click here to schedule a free 15 min consultation

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Hello, My name is

Kim Phlegm

I first want to Congratulate you on wanting to take CONTROL of your Finances and securing Your Future!!

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If I’ve previously spoken with you about

  • getting help with restoring your credit
  • creating a blueprint to become financially free
  • gaining an immediate pay increase on the Job you’re currently working
  • earning extra income that can help with what’s listed above

Don’t allow another year to go by in the same financial rut. Contact us today so we can help assist you with proven tools that will change your life.

Another year has gone and you still haven’t started creating a plan that will change your life or situation.

A plan will not create itself.

You must create it then take action

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Satisfied Clients

I have been in the industry for close to 4 years, and it has taken me 4 years to find such a stellar company. I call this company a WIN-WIN because everyone does!! As a customer, I gain access to services that honestly make sense, from instant pay raises, all the way credit, and debt consolidation. These are services that matter. On the business side, MWR has a rock solid staff and system, which is very key, for spreading the word. Mr. House has created something special, and I am very excited to be apart of the journey and am even more excited for what the future holds.

- Rashard Harvey

compared to those other companies. I love how we have experts CPA'S AND CFA to help & do all the hard work for all the members. plus I'm getting an extra $1007.47 a month as my INSTANT PAY RAISE..... plus CREDIT SCORE IS ON THE RISE.... I LOVE MWR FINANCIAL

- Walt Bell

Peace and blessings the best decision I could have taken since being in this industry for over 16 years this is the best opportunity and decision I could have made. I can't wait to see how many lives we will change in Roaring #20's and beyond. Thanks to all the leaders who continue to pour into me succeeding.

- Regina A Turner

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